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Greetings fellow ISADE/Scientific Workshop members,

After much discussion and regret, the ISADE Organizing Committee determined that the ISADE 2021 conference, scheduled for April of this year, is to be cancelled. This decision was not made easily, but we do not see an in-person conference or workshop to be possible for this year due to continued pandemic restrictions.  The hotel has just recently released us from our legal contract, which delayed our notification to you of this ISADE2021 cancellation.   

We are under contract commitment (scheduled from 2 years previous) and will host our normal annual Trace Explosives Detection workshop next year, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, from 9-13 May 2022.  The following year, 2023, we will host the next ISADE conference in April 2023, in North Carolina, USA.

Since ISADE 2021 is a full cancellation, we will separately contact each of you who have previously registered for that conference, for a reimbursement option.

And finally, we’d like to announce that the Scientific Workshops organization will soon be initiating a WebEx based monthly technical seminar series, “Scientific Workshops International Seminar Series (SWISS)”, for 2021.  SWISS is intended to fill the scientific exchange gap caused by COVID, and is not intended to replace TED, CED or ISADE workshops.  More details on this will be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, please stay safe and stay healthy.
Richard Lareau,
Executive Director for the Scientific Workshops Nonprofit Organization


Sponsored by Scientific Workshops
and Organized in Affiliation with
Trace Explosives Detection Workshop (TED)

 Presents ISADE 2021

ISADE, the International Symposium on the Analysis and Detection of Explosives, is the pre-eminent scientific conference for discussion of the detection and characterization of explosives in both security screening and forensic applications.

The organizing committee is hoping to  have a balance of topic areas to appeal to the broad range of interests within our community. The technical program is focused on developing a deeper understanding of the fundamental science that underpins optimized explosive detection. Events, such as invited tutorials, open discussion sessions and poster presentations, are an essential part of the meeting. Topics planned for the 2020 conference include (but are not limited to):

  • Emerging Forensic and Screening Technologies
  • Fundamentals of Trace Detection
  • HMEs
  • Standards
  • Forensic Case Studies and Worldwide Events
  • Attribution
  • Vapor Detection
  • Contact and Non Contact Sampling
  • Emerging Laboratory and Fieldable Detection Techniques
  • Illicit Narcotics Detections including Opioids
  • Canine Detection
  • Ask the Expert/Discussion Session
  • Tutorials


Dave Atkinson – Scientific Workshops
Matthew Beardah – DSTL
John Brady – Scientific Workshops
Matthew Brookes – DSTL
Greg Gillen – Scientific Workshops
Nigel Hearns – RCMP
Richard Lareau – Scientific Workshops
Stefan Lukow – Scientific Workshops
Robbie Mothershead – FBI
Matt Staymates – Scientific Workshops
Kirk Yeager – FBI

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